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Wild And Crazy Facts About Used Rolex Watches

Whether they are vintage watches or brand new watches of every kind, these inventions were changers of history. Without the invention of other priceless things, watches would not have come to be. Here we will take a short trip through some of the history and to some—bazaar facts about watches.

  • In the 15th century the torsion spring that is the power source of the timepiece we know today, appeared in the clock. It made its way into the pocket watch in the 1600′s. You know those beautifully shiny gold pocket watches you see in the men’s old fashioned Zoot suites? Yeah the first hand held personal time pieces.
  • The pocket watch made it through 200 years after it was popularized even further with advent of waist coat wearing men. A sign of a true gentleman, the waist coat and pocket watch was a status symbol.
  • In 1908 a watch with an alarm feature was created. No, the alarm was not created with the first digital watch. It was way before that. It then disappeared only to be improved with the latest technology and reborn with the digital watch.Wild and Crazy Facts About Used Rolex Watches
  • Soldiers from WWI onward are responsible for popularizing watches especially new and used Rolex watches. They needed reliable time pieces which were tested for air and water maneuvers. A badly working watch meant life of death to a pilot or a Navy submariner and many more. It was a staple of the uniform in so many ways. Rolex took the lead and was featured in the movie “The Great Escape”.

How to Buy a Vintage Watch Bonus Tip:

  • Doing your homework on a used Rolex watch for example, is something very important. There are pitfalls that the seller may not even be able to alert you to because they may not be aware of them. Make sure you are clear on what brand and type you want. This makes things easier to research. Search some reputable and well followed websites that are experts on that particular make. They will certainly be able to tell you the characteristics of the watch so you can make sure you aren’t purchasing a fake used Rolex watch or other brands.
  • Join watch forums and talk to people who are passionate about the watch you want. Spend a month tracking the watch to a few different dealers. Make sure you know how to spot a fake. For example, a fake Rolex watch will not have a sweeping second hand, it will actually tick. This may be found in fake used Rolex watches whereby you would have paid upwards of a grand for not only a fake but a Rolex. This is not a happy maker.
  • Then, simply contact the manufacturer. They will have an archived collection of what has actually been produced and placed in the public domain. So, if you see a watch you want and can take a picture of it, you will know straight away if it is the real deal!

Used Rolex Watches

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