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Wallpaper Tips And Tricks For Your Beautiful Home

Wallpaper is actually still used. This is a very nice way to dress walls and not have to use paint. Nowadays there are awesome textures you can use. There are raised prints that have texture to the touch and then there are even novelties like news print looking paper as well as specially treated papers that keep mold from ruining it in hot climates like it used to.wallpapers Miami

Here are some really easy tips that will make your wallpaper hanging easier according to wallpapers experts in Miami.

  • Buy all the wallpaper you will need plus a bit more for when and if you miss cut it. One important thing you must keep in mind to avoid a disaster with color though—make sure you are looking at the lot and run number and that they match. If the run numbers don’t match then they may have a slight or dramatic difference in color. This could be bad! So just be careful.
  • Make sure you have lining paper hung first! Why? For several reasons. First, if you are a beginner, according to pro’s in wallpapers Miami, this will help you practice and warm you up for hanging the real wallpaper. Also it gets it to dry more rapidly and not crease or wrinkle.
  • Here is one trick we bet you didn’t know. If you paint the top of the wall with a strip of white paint, you won’t notice a misalignment in the hanging of the paper.
  • Make sure you have a small table by your work area that has everything you need. What you will need will include but is not limited to a sponge and warm water. Some thumb tacks, a seam roller and brushes.
  • Make sure you have a carpenter’s level or a laser so that you can make a straight line that the paper will line up strait on. According to interior design professionals—the walls in all homes—even new ones are not straight.
  • In order to make the patterns match, the first one should be four inches longer than the second and the subsequent ones should be at least two inches longer. This according to the wallpapers pro’s in  Miami is the most common mistake and the most frustrating.
  • Make sure you double check the paper while it is drying for bubbles and creases and go along it with a smoothing stone or a squeegee. This will prevent it from hardening and then tearing once it is hardened and has relaxed.

You should allow the paper to relax a minute or two prior to hanging after the glue is applied. This is because there is sizing that takes place and you don’t want it to shrink and tighten on the wall. Make certain that you are allowing your wallpaper to dry well before you hang the border. If you hang it prior to drying the columns you risk it peeling back.


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