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The Intricacies Of Women’s Rolex Watches

Rolex watches for women are different than the Rolex watches for men. The selection is much more plentiful because women are more likely to wear them as a piece of jewelry. So, they are more stylistic and they have different straps and certainly so many more names, brands and adornments than a man’s more simply made and masculine watch.


women's rolex watches

The types of movement for a ladies’ watch is quartz and mechanical. Women who like detail generally choose the mechanical type. It lends more to look after but it is the most popular among watches for women. The quartz one is popular among nurses and those ladies who need a second hand. This one is very reliable, more so than the mechanical and is far better to care for.


The type of metal and style is a daunting process for a Rolex ladies watch. They can be gold or silver; they can have diamonds and pearls along with other precious gems which will affect the pricing. The shapes are many. There is round, square, triangle and rectangle. There is teardrop and other shapes and yes, this too affects pricing.

Women's rolex watchWomen's rolex watch

You have a choice as well for jewelry or strap style. This will affect the price on watches for women because one is considered dressy and elegant and the other is considered casual. Leather is generally the type of material used in a strap watch. The jewelry ones are too numerous to even mention but some of those styles are the same material as your gold or silver chains for necklaces. They can be encrusted with gem stones and even braided chain for style and reinforcement.

The WOW Factor

Choosing a watch that has wow factor is also a smart choice for Rolex watches for women. The wow factor is different for everyone. For this, you have to know what the person you are buying for likes. If you aren’t sure then this should still be easy. The wow factor for anything really, is just your first instinct. Flip through a catalog and whatever stands out as WOW then that is it!

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