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The Best Window Treatments For Your Space

According to the professionals in window treatments Miami, choosing your window treatments can make or break your windows and even the living space you are in. Here are some very valuable and some unusual window treatments to choose for your space.

Semi Sheers

This can be a fantastic choice for a living room or any place which does not command too much privacy space. There is a way to choose these that is simple. It comes in the thickness you need it in. So, 2X thickness means that you can still see through it at night with a light on but you may not be able to tell exactly what you are looking at. Then it doubles from there with less and less visibility and of course one ply means there is no privacy at all.

Cellular Shades

You can count on walking around without a fear of being seen. These are half shades you can place on the top part of the glass or bottom and walk around as you like. According to window treatment experts in Miami, you can place these in any room. They can be extremely cheap or very expensive. They can come in color but the most popularly sold is white. They come in a honeycomb design to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Roller Shades

These are the most tried and true and inexpensive shades that are around. They are attached to the inside of the window frame and with a pull of the bottom, you have privacy. The only drawbacks according to window treatment professionals is that they are not very attractive and they are only coming in one or two colors. These are best for rooms which you are not worried about style, maybe a workout room or office.

Chinese Shades

These are still a big seller. Chinese shades, if they are authentic are made of rice pepper and are painted with lovely black and red Chinese characters.They are attached like roller shades and are an accordion shape. This is also in the shape they fold when drawn.


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