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Solutions To Organizing Your Pantry Space

A pantry space is something very personal and unique. It depends on so much. Some of those factors are space, eating habits, personal style, buying habits etc. For example, if you are primarily a vegetarian who eats fresh food as the majority—you may only need a very small pantry space. If you are a boxed and canned food person that likes a lot of backup and you do monthly grocery shopping, then you need a lot more space. The same goes if you have children. Here we will give you the answers to some questions that will help you organize your pantry storage space.

Start Dumping

Step one is always the best and most inevitable. You get to throw out or give away anything you don’t need. So, how can you tell that you don’t need it? That is what we will cover now. First, take every thing out and place it on the counter. Look first at the dates. Anything that is out of date, then you need to throw it out or make a menu plan to use it before it expires. The next thing you look for is anything you haven’t used in 6 months as far as canned goods that are not out of date. Set them aside and move to the next step.

Start Cleaning

This is the next step. Your shelving and nooks all need to be cleaned by now. If you are like most people you may have rings from cans on the shelving or dust and food particles that need to be lifted before placing the new stuff on them. Bleach and water is the best source of cleaning fluid because it is sanitizing as well as a whitening agent for white shelves which are the most common. If you have wooden shelves, consult the manufacturer for the proper cleaning solution for your pantry storage space.

Start from the top and work your way to the bottom of the shelves. This way, any of the debris from the top will fall to the bottom and you won’t have to start again from the bottom up, it just cuts the work in half if you are organized with it.

Make Categories of what you have Left

Make categories of what you have left. You may discover that you have a lot of one thing or many things. These are the items you can place priority on in order to use before they go bad. Place everything including those items in categories.

  • Dry foods like pasta and boxed foods.
  • Vegetables like onions and potatoes
  • Canned foods
  • Spices
  • Pet foods

Create a List for your Pantry Storage

Now that you have it cleaned and organized and in plain site you can create a pantry list so that you know what you have going forward. You can tell what you need as you cross off the list as you use things. This will help you keep things in check from here on out in your new pantry storage!




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