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Wild And Crazy Facts About Used Rolex Watches

Whether they are vintage watches or brand new watches of every kind, these inventions were changers of history. Without the invention of other priceless things, watches would not have come to be. Here we will take a short trip through some of the history and to some—bazaar facts about watches.

  • In the 15th century the torsion spring that is the power source of the timepiece we know today, appeared in the clock. It made its way into the pocket watch in the 1600′s. You know those beautifully shiny gold pocket watches you see in the men’s old fashioned Zoot suites? Yeah the first hand held personal time pieces.
  • The pocket watch made it through 200 years after it was popularized even further with advent of waist coat wearing men. A sign of a true gentleman, the waist coat and pocket watch was a status symbol.
  • In 1908 a watch with an alarm feature was created. No, the alarm was not created with the first digital watch. It was way before that. It then disappeared only to be improved with the latest technology and reborn with the digital watch.Wild and Crazy Facts About Used Rolex Watches
  • Soldiers from WWI onward are responsible for popularizing watches especially new and used Rolex watches. They needed reliable time pieces which were tested for air and water maneuvers. A badly working watch meant life of death to a pilot or a Navy submariner and many more. It was a staple of the uniform in so many ways. Rolex took the lead and was featured in the movie “The Great Escape”.

How to Buy a Vintage Watch Bonus Tip:

  • Doing your homework on a used Rolex watch for example, is something very important. There are pitfalls that the seller may not even be able to alert you to because they may not be aware of them. Make sure you are clear on what brand and type you want. This makes things easier to research. Search some reputable and well followed websites that are experts on that particular make. They will certainly be able to tell you the characteristics of the watch so you can make sure you aren’t purchasing a fake used Rolex watch or other brands.
  • Join watch forums and talk to people who are passionate about the watch you want. Spend a month tracking the watch to a few different dealers. Make sure you know how to spot a fake. For example, a fake Rolex watch will not have a sweeping second hand, it will actually tick. This may be found in fake used Rolex watches whereby you would have paid upwards of a grand for not only a fake but a Rolex. This is not a happy maker.
  • Then, simply contact the manufacturer. They will have an archived collection of what has actually been produced and placed in the public domain. So, if you see a watch you want and can take a picture of it, you will know straight away if it is the real deal!

Used Rolex Watches

Solutions To Organizing Your Pantry Space

A pantry space is something very personal and unique. It depends on so much. Some of those factors are space, eating habits, personal style, buying habits etc. For example, if you are primarily a vegetarian who eats fresh food as the majority—you may only need a very small pantry space. If you are a boxed and canned food person that likes a lot of backup and you do monthly grocery shopping, then you need a lot more space. The same goes if you have children. Here we will give you the answers to some questions that will help you organize your pantry storage space.

Start Dumping

Step one is always the best and most inevitable. You get to throw out or give away anything you don’t need. So, how can you tell that you don’t need it? That is what we will cover now. First, take every thing out and place it on the counter. Look first at the dates. Anything that is out of date, then you need to throw it out or make a menu plan to use it before it expires. The next thing you look for is anything you haven’t used in 6 months as far as canned goods that are not out of date. Set them aside and move to the next step.

Start Cleaning

This is the next step. Your shelving and nooks all need to be cleaned by now. If you are like most people you may have rings from cans on the shelving or dust and food particles that need to be lifted before placing the new stuff on them. Bleach and water is the best source of cleaning fluid because it is sanitizing as well as a whitening agent for white shelves which are the most common. If you have wooden shelves, consult the manufacturer for the proper cleaning solution for your pantry storage space.

Start from the top and work your way to the bottom of the shelves. This way, any of the debris from the top will fall to the bottom and you won’t have to start again from the bottom up, it just cuts the work in half if you are organized with it.

Make Categories of what you have Left

Make categories of what you have left. You may discover that you have a lot of one thing or many things. These are the items you can place priority on in order to use before they go bad. Place everything including those items in categories.

  • Dry foods like pasta and boxed foods.
  • Vegetables like onions and potatoes
  • Canned foods
  • Spices
  • Pet foods

Create a List for your Pantry Storage

Now that you have it cleaned and organized and in plain site you can create a pantry list so that you know what you have going forward. You can tell what you need as you cross off the list as you use things. This will help you keep things in check from here on out in your new pantry storage!




Wholesale Vintage Fashion: Where To Find It And How To Buy It

Generally people who are buying wholesale vintage fashion; they do it because they are reselling it. So, here we will cover some tips on buying bulk. This will also be just as helpful to those who are not buying bulk.

Definition of Wholesale Vintage Fashion:

The actual word, vintage, in translation, comes from aged wine. So, in the case of clothing, this means it is aged clothing. The only difference with fashion is it is still fashionable and in wearable shape. You need to be aware of the years that encompass vintage. As time goes on the years will change. However; the beginning year will always be 1920 and for a while the acceptable end date is 1980.

Niche Up your Wholesale Vintage Fashion Business

This means, yes, like branding you should figure out your focus. Are you going to focus on bags and shoes or jeans and shirts and blouses. There is a lot of stuff here to think about. So, it only makes sense that you narrow your focus.

OK so for example you want to focus on bags and shoes. Now, the next thing you need to narrow down and focus on is if you will handle brand names or off brands and whether it will be high-end or average.

After you figure that out, then the last thing in this area to think about is if you will buy local or from another continent. And whether you will go yourself or send a buyer or order on line.

Decide on Budget and Pieces

Make sure you know how many pieces make a full store for you. Take a look at your storage space and your floor space. Are you selling from home online or do you have a storefront? This is crucial for you to know in order to have successful budget. Now, you can look at what you are willing to spend for your full stock and then figure out what you want to spend per piece.

Start Shopping Around

This can be a daunting thing at the beginning. But once you get the hang of it, it just gets easier. The first places you need to shop are the charity shops and the textiles reclaim centers and they are sometimes called banks. Research the internet and some of your local news papers for wholesalers that you can make deals with. Once you have stock then you can work out trade deals. Make sure you keep a database and network with follow up. This way, they have you in mind. Why? Because you will be doing customer swaps a lot. For example, you may carry a specialty item that a customer of theirs wants. If you are the go-to person for that item you will have gained a customer. And a small referral fee may not hurt either. It is an incentive to get others in the same business to call you. There is no reason to fear competition, everyone has a niche. Networking and helping each other out works in the end.

Make Good Use of Warehouses

Warehouses may just allow you a sneak peak at pre-packaged clothing before you purchase it. This is a common practice when you can find it because you get the chance to check the quality of the garments.

Hunt for Discounts

Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts from a supplier. Of course this is assuming you have them which you should if you are selling wholesale vintage fashion.


The wholesale vintage fashion business is a challenging, fun and rewarding one if you know when, where and how to look!