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Interesting Facts About Rolex Watches

Rolex has been one of the most trusted names in watches for a long, long time. Cheap Rolex watches have been sought after year after year for people wanting the name without the price. But, even those that couldn’t generally afford them will save until they can get one. Apart from the popularity factor, the Rolex name has some interesting facts attached to them and here we will share some of them with you.

Rolex is a Swiss name which actually had its beginnings in London. It was opened by an immigrant in London at the age of 24 in 1905. The cases were English and the parts were Swiss—very clever indeed.

Interesting Things About Rolex Watches

Another one for the English in the Swiss watch making history. British fighter pilots thought Rolex was more reliable. This popularity made Rolex the number one watch for the British and eventually the world. Rolex was so loyal to the pilots that if a pilot said they lost one they would replace it free. Now you don’t get that certificate of guarantee with a cheap Rolex watch knock off do you?

Interesting Things About Rolex Watches

In the movie “The Great Escape” the Rolex was used to time Nazi movements and plan the escape of the POW’s. Right there, Rolex gained the name of the century yet again.

Interesting Things About Rolex Watches

Sir Edmund Hillary climbed to the top of Mt Everest and wore a Rolex that kept on ticking! The Rolex was even worn on a sub marine by a Navy team as well. In both cases the watch never lost a moment and nor did any of them break.

Interesting Things About Rolex Watches

The most important fact about a Rolex watch has a simple and little known answer. If the second hand travels around the watch in a sweeping motion, then, it is an authentic Rolex. If it ticks each second around the watch face then it is a sure fake.

Interesting Things About Rolex Watches

So were there ever cheap Rolex watches? Yes, in fact, until 1980, Rolex was cheap. They were around $900 in the 80′s and then, after jumped $2350. This is because of the yuppies and their status symbols which Rolex had become. The days of the cheap Rolex were over.

The metal grade 904L is charged with the durability of the Rolex watch. It is made of the better grade metal which accounts for the reliability of the watch. It is more resistant to pitting and the pressure of deep sea divers. That grade is much more shiny and the finish more elegant than others.

Interesting Things About Rolex Watches

The Rolex endures some serious testing. It is water tested for divers to the tune of 1000 feet deep and it is pressure tested for air leaks as well. It is even condensation tested when water is dropped on the crystal inside a watch that is heated. If there is condensation then guess what? They throw the watch out! They don’t even sell it wholesale; they care too much about their name and customers to let that happen!Interesting Things About Rolex Watches

These are just some interesting facts about the famous Rolex watch. I hope you enjoyed the article!

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