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How To Hire A Custom Closet Company

Choosing a custom closet company is important. Here we will give you a step by step on how to properly choose a custom closet company. There is a method of sorts but the good news is, it’s simple and easy, all you need is a bit of organization and common sense.

Choosing a Company for your Custom Closets

The first thing to do prior to looking for and hiring a custom closet company is to go through your closet and get rid of anything you no longer need. This is important because the custom closet people will build a closet according to what you own. So, suffice to say it makes no logical sense to pay to build an elaborate closet for three pairs of shoes—get it? Great, now on to the next step.

Get Everyone Involved Together

Whoever the people are that are making the decisions on the closets with you need to be there at the first appointment. The first appointment is your free consultation and decision about your needs. The second appointment is when they come back with several choices of designs for you so you may want them there for this too. If you can only have them there for one appointment, then the second one is the most crucial. This way there are no game changers when the person making those decisions hates something about the design you chose. It is inevitable to have those things happen.

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Main Questions to Ask

Some of the main questions to ask are these:

  1. Is this particle board or a higher grade?
  2. If I have a warranty, does it only apply to me or does it carry over to the next owner, should I decide to sell the home.
  3. What colors do you have available?
  4. May I have thermal fused melamine that wears better?
  5. Is the hardware plastic or metal?
  6. What is the shelf depth you use.

All of these questions are regarding quality. This should the highest quality material. Yes, it may cost more, however; you need the closet to last. This is built in to the walls of your home so it is like another room.

There are other things to consider as well. Ask the closet company if they are including the clothing rods. Some do and some don’t there are simple things you may assume come with it but may not and the last thing you want is an unpleasant surprise.

The drawers, if you have any and it is always a good Idea to have them, should have full extension glides. This adds to the strength and quality of the drawer.


As you can tell, building a custom closet is a process. It takes some foresight, planning and thought. There is no such thing as a rush job, at least there shouldn’t be. It may cost you in the hundreds or the thousands and it may take two weeks or two months. As long as there is no unrealistic expectation, you should have a seamless custom closets experience.


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