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Custom Closets For Him and Her

When you live with someone, there is always a concern with space. No matter if it is a spouse or partner, you have to compromise on space to make the both parties happy. So, customizing a closet that is right for him and her is essential to keep the peace and have a more organized life. Here the industry experts at Armadi Closets will lend you their expert tips on how to achieve this.Armadi Closets

Communicate your Needs

Make sure you and your loved one are clear and honest about what you need regarding the space issue. It is of utmost importance that you are sure what you want to do and have a basic idea on a design that pleases both of you. Make sure you are both ready to let go of some of the things that neither of you use, and go from there. Try to avoid arguments by not controlling what the other decides to let go of. For some, an object of clothing will be a sentimental thing and hard to let go of. For women, they may be hesitant to let go of an article of clothing or shoes etc… This is because they have more clothes and shoes that are separated for different occasions. So, cut them a little slack when you start the removal process.

Communicate your Budget

So, who is paying for what? This also should be discussed and then and only then discuss cost. You would think it would be the other way around but it is our experience that more conflict arises when a design is discussed first and one of the two gets hit with an assumption.

Why are we Concerned about your Business?

Well, it makes for a better relationship with each other and the designer in the custom closet process. Armadi closets have seen most situations and have had very few issues in the communication department. It is always a good idea to choose a custom closet company that communicates well and who has designers that actually takes the time for your project needs.Armadi Closets

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