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Bringing Sunlight to a Miami Electronics Wholesale

best electronic wholesaler in miami

Looking into the business world of Miami electronics, one finds an open option logistics city. A person or company is in wholesaler heaven with the ability to ship goods on the waterways, truck or train them over the land, and use the airports the fly products about. Seems almost a perfect place to set up shop, as an electronics wholesaler in Miami. First let us get on the same page of what electronics wholesaler means and the difference between wholesaler and distributor.

The definition from a business dictionary, with added electronics application, reads like this: A person, company, firm that buys large quantities of electronics from various production companies or individual producers and vendors. Then warehouses the electronics products and then resells the warehoused stock of products to retailers. Plus, those wholesalers who work with only non-competing electronics or lines, these specific wholesalers are called Distributors. Know you know.

Now as we focus back on Miami’s electronics market, with a simple yahoo search, we find B & R Electronics Supply Inc., Intcomex Inc., Vistek Enterprises, Jair Electronics Corp., MMB Electronics, with over two hundred and sixty-six remaining results to check.

I figure the location is ideal for the needs of an Best electronics wholesaler in Miami. Out of these top 5 results, it could not be helped but to see who was the best-rated company. Thing was the constant needed for a true scientific study was not there, B &R Electronics Supply got an overall five-star on Yelp, Intcomex Inc. got five stars on the same app Yelp, and finally Vistek Enterprises had the only other rating. Albeit on a different rating system, but also received a five-star review only it was on Yahoo.

All in all, I figured this was a simple observational survey that had some outliers and questionable science but with that being said. So informally without solid science to back me, will at this moment crown B & R Electronics Supply Inc. kings of the Miami wholesale electronics kingdom. Congratulations, to them.

Some stats before you go, Florida recorded over $734.5 billion in GDP, which gave it the fourth largest economy in the United States. Electronics are a must for the NASA Space program that made up $4.1 Billion of the economy alone and with International trade capabilities Florida handles around 40% of all U.S. exports to Latin and South America. Sounds like a healthy market and one that will last for the foreseeable future.

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