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Bringing Sunlight to a Miami Electronics Wholesale

best electronic wholesaler in miami

Looking into the business world of Miami electronics, one finds an open option logistics city. A person or company is in wholesaler heaven with the ability to ship goods on the waterways, truck or train them over the land, and use the airports the fly products about. Seems almost a perfect place to set up shop, as an electronics wholesaler in Miami. First let us get on the same page of what electronics wholesaler means and the difference between wholesaler and distributor.

The definition from a business dictionary, with added electronics application, reads like this: A person, company, firm that buys large quantities of electronics from various production companies or individual producers and vendors. Then warehouses the electronics products and then resells the warehoused stock of products to retailers. Plus, those wholesalers who work with only non-competing electronics or lines, these specific wholesalers are called Distributors. Know you know.

Now as we focus back on Miami’s electronics market, with a simple yahoo search, we find B & R Electronics Supply Inc., Intcomex Inc., Vistek Enterprises, Jair Electronics Corp., MMB Electronics, with over two hundred and sixty-six remaining results to check.

I figure the location is ideal for the needs of an Best electronics wholesaler in Miami. Out of these top 5 results, it could not be helped but to see who was the best-rated company. Thing was the constant needed for a true scientific study was not there, B &R Electronics Supply got an overall five-star on Yelp, Intcomex Inc. got five stars on the same app Yelp, and finally Vistek Enterprises had the only other rating. Albeit on a different rating system, but also received a five-star review only it was on Yahoo.

All in all, I figured this was a simple observational survey that had some outliers and questionable science but with that being said. So informally without solid science to back me, will at this moment crown B & R Electronics Supply Inc. kings of the Miami wholesale electronics kingdom. Congratulations, to them.

Some stats before you go, Florida recorded over $734.5 billion in GDP, which gave it the fourth largest economy in the United States. Electronics are a must for the NASA Space program that made up $4.1 Billion of the economy alone and with International trade capabilities Florida handles around 40% of all U.S. exports to Latin and South America. Sounds like a healthy market and one that will last for the foreseeable future.

Great interior design ideas

amazing custom furniture in miami

After successful completion of the construction work, there is need to add life and enhance the atmosphere within the building. This is done through installation of best modern furniture alongside other interior design applications. Interior design includes among other factors planning and implementation of ideas that are tailored to give the desired effect in a room and as well make maximal use of the space within.

Where is interior design applicable?

In modern times, color patterns and choice of furniture has become an effective way to express the mood in a room. In this perspective, it is applicable in all types of building including residential, commercial and any other type of a room. In this regard, there is need to engage affordable and great interior design techniques that will ideally produce the required effect while at the same time being within the budgetary limits allocated. To do this there is need to consider using the services of an interior designer who will offer advice and guidance on the best materials and methods for your interiors.

A residential property is where the family lives; as such it is required to depict the life at home. As such the colors and the patterns used need to reflect the kind of a room that the process is applied. This includes the living rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, sturdy, and the bathrooms. For commercial building, the designs used should reflect the type of business that is conducted within the premise. In such a way, a restaurant should give a welcoming atmosphere for the guests with photos, and images that reflect healthy living and eating.

Common designs available

Art deco is one of the oldest interior design methods. Owing its existence from Europe, in involves among other things basis of geometric designs on which they are based. Modern art deco involves the use of chrome glass, stainless steel, aluminum, animal skin and shiny fabrics. These are used to create best modern furniture as well as being applied on various surfaces around the home.

Top interior design in Miami is also done through application of Japanese materials. These come with beauty elegance that is based on strong craftsmanship. An art that owes its origin to tradition Japan, it entails simplicity that is engulfed with attention to detail and intricacy.

Through the use of murals and other paintings, Arab materials provide an efficient decoration for surfaces within the premises. These are created through use of geometric designs and heavy lines. They are rich in color and texture and in such way ideal for use on any surface within the house.

Where to buy the best modern furniture in Miami

amazing interior design in miami is company that has proved to be the best when it comes to offering the best modern furniture for the residents of Miami who need to redefine the looks of their homes. From what they offer, they gained a higher level of reputation making most of the Miami residents to trust them and buy from them. Whenever you need best modern furniture in Miami, you should always ensure that you do visit them.

What kind of home furniture do ArmadiCasa provide homeowners in Miami?

· Furniture

· New closets

· Vanities

· Wall beds

· Kitchens

· Modern doors

What benefits comes with buying your furniture from ArmadiCasa?

ArmadiCasa have been in the furniture industry for over 35 years selling top quality furniture to the residents of Miami who need them. Whenever you select them, they will ensure that they sell the kind of furniture that you need even as you need to get the best deals within the city of Miami. In the end, you would be sure that the furniture you would get would always be the best in the entire City.

The prices of their furniture are affordable and have great interior designers who knows the needs and demands in the market. They will always ensure that they do come up with some of the best designs for the people who need them. Through the options that will exists in the Miami, you should be sure that you would buy the best furniture.

ArmadiCasa provide wide collections of furniture ranging from wall beds, vanities, home furniture, kitchens, excellent closets and modern doors for the homeowners who need them. Whenever you buy from them, they would ensure that they satisfy your needs thus making your house to look modern and trendy thus giving them a higher reputation in the market.

In addition, ArmadiCasa also sell custom furniture for the homeowners who need to have their own designs. You can always contact them with your idea and they will ensure that they fulfil your needs in the best way possible. Their ability has made them be the best company offering custom furniture for the residents of Miami who need them to redefine the looks of their homes.

The company have some of the top interior designers in Miami who understands the market and trendy styles that would be appealing to buyers. Through this, ArmadiCasa has always been the best company in Miami for homeowners.

In the end, these reasons should convince you why you need to choose ArmadiCasa when buying the best furniture for your home.

How To Hire A Custom Closet Company

Choosing a custom closet company is important. Here we will give you a step by step on how to properly choose a custom closet company. There is a method of sorts but the good news is, it’s simple and easy, all you need is a bit of organization and common sense.

Choosing a Company for your Custom Closets

The first thing to do prior to looking for and hiring a custom closet company is to go through your closet and get rid of anything you no longer need. This is important because the custom closet people will build a closet according to what you own. So, suffice to say it makes no logical sense to pay to build an elaborate closet for three pairs of shoes—get it? Great, now on to the next step.

Get Everyone Involved Together

Whoever the people are that are making the decisions on the closets with you need to be there at the first appointment. The first appointment is your free consultation and decision about your needs. The second appointment is when they come back with several choices of designs for you so you may want them there for this too. If you can only have them there for one appointment, then the second one is the most crucial. This way there are no game changers when the person making those decisions hates something about the design you chose. It is inevitable to have those things happen.

custom closet

Main Questions to Ask

Some of the main questions to ask are these:

  1. Is this particle board or a higher grade?
  2. If I have a warranty, does it only apply to me or does it carry over to the next owner, should I decide to sell the home.
  3. What colors do you have available?
  4. May I have thermal fused melamine that wears better?
  5. Is the hardware plastic or metal?
  6. What is the shelf depth you use.

All of these questions are regarding quality. This should the highest quality material. Yes, it may cost more, however; you need the closet to last. This is built in to the walls of your home so it is like another room.

There are other things to consider as well. Ask the closet company if they are including the clothing rods. Some do and some don’t there are simple things you may assume come with it but may not and the last thing you want is an unpleasant surprise.

The drawers, if you have any and it is always a good Idea to have them, should have full extension glides. This adds to the strength and quality of the drawer.


As you can tell, building a custom closet is a process. It takes some foresight, planning and thought. There is no such thing as a rush job, at least there shouldn’t be. It may cost you in the hundreds or the thousands and it may take two weeks or two months. As long as there is no unrealistic expectation, you should have a seamless custom closets experience.


Custom Closets For Him and Her

When you live with someone, there is always a concern with space. No matter if it is a spouse or partner, you have to compromise on space to make the both parties happy. So, customizing a closet that is right for him and her is essential to keep the peace and have a more organized life. Here the industry experts at Armadi Closets will lend you their expert tips on how to achieve this.Armadi Closets

Communicate your Needs

Make sure you and your loved one are clear and honest about what you need regarding the space issue. It is of utmost importance that you are sure what you want to do and have a basic idea on a design that pleases both of you. Make sure you are both ready to let go of some of the things that neither of you use, and go from there. Try to avoid arguments by not controlling what the other decides to let go of. For some, an object of clothing will be a sentimental thing and hard to let go of. For women, they may be hesitant to let go of an article of clothing or shoes etc… This is because they have more clothes and shoes that are separated for different occasions. So, cut them a little slack when you start the removal process.

Communicate your Budget

So, who is paying for what? This also should be discussed and then and only then discuss cost. You would think it would be the other way around but it is our experience that more conflict arises when a design is discussed first and one of the two gets hit with an assumption.

Why are we Concerned about your Business?

Well, it makes for a better relationship with each other and the designer in the custom closet process. Armadi closets have seen most situations and have had very few issues in the communication department. It is always a good idea to choose a custom closet company that communicates well and who has designers that actually takes the time for your project needs.Armadi Closets

Wallpaper Tips And Tricks For Your Beautiful Home

Wallpaper is actually still used. This is a very nice way to dress walls and not have to use paint. Nowadays there are awesome textures you can use. There are raised prints that have texture to the touch and then there are even novelties like news print looking paper as well as specially treated papers that keep mold from ruining it in hot climates like it used to.wallpapers Miami

Here are some really easy tips that will make your wallpaper hanging easier according to wallpapers experts in Miami.

  • Buy all the wallpaper you will need plus a bit more for when and if you miss cut it. One important thing you must keep in mind to avoid a disaster with color though—make sure you are looking at the lot and run number and that they match. If the run numbers don’t match then they may have a slight or dramatic difference in color. This could be bad! So just be careful.
  • Make sure you have lining paper hung first! Why? For several reasons. First, if you are a beginner, according to pro’s in wallpapers Miami, this will help you practice and warm you up for hanging the real wallpaper. Also it gets it to dry more rapidly and not crease or wrinkle.
  • Here is one trick we bet you didn’t know. If you paint the top of the wall with a strip of white paint, you won’t notice a misalignment in the hanging of the paper.
  • Make sure you have a small table by your work area that has everything you need. What you will need will include but is not limited to a sponge and warm water. Some thumb tacks, a seam roller and brushes.
  • Make sure you have a carpenter’s level or a laser so that you can make a straight line that the paper will line up strait on. According to interior design professionals—the walls in all homes—even new ones are not straight.
  • In order to make the patterns match, the first one should be four inches longer than the second and the subsequent ones should be at least two inches longer. This according to the wallpapers pro’s in  Miami is the most common mistake and the most frustrating.
  • Make sure you double check the paper while it is drying for bubbles and creases and go along it with a smoothing stone or a squeegee. This will prevent it from hardening and then tearing once it is hardened and has relaxed.

You should allow the paper to relax a minute or two prior to hanging after the glue is applied. This is because there is sizing that takes place and you don’t want it to shrink and tighten on the wall. Make certain that you are allowing your wallpaper to dry well before you hang the border. If you hang it prior to drying the columns you risk it peeling back.


The Best Window Treatments For Your Space

According to the professionals in window treatments Miami, choosing your window treatments can make or break your windows and even the living space you are in. Here are some very valuable and some unusual window treatments to choose for your space.

Semi Sheers

This can be a fantastic choice for a living room or any place which does not command too much privacy space. There is a way to choose these that is simple. It comes in the thickness you need it in. So, 2X thickness means that you can still see through it at night with a light on but you may not be able to tell exactly what you are looking at. Then it doubles from there with less and less visibility and of course one ply means there is no privacy at all.

Cellular Shades

You can count on walking around without a fear of being seen. These are half shades you can place on the top part of the glass or bottom and walk around as you like. According to window treatment experts in Miami, you can place these in any room. They can be extremely cheap or very expensive. They can come in color but the most popularly sold is white. They come in a honeycomb design to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Roller Shades

These are the most tried and true and inexpensive shades that are around. They are attached to the inside of the window frame and with a pull of the bottom, you have privacy. The only drawbacks according to window treatment professionals is that they are not very attractive and they are only coming in one or two colors. These are best for rooms which you are not worried about style, maybe a workout room or office.

Chinese Shades

These are still a big seller. Chinese shades, if they are authentic are made of rice pepper and are painted with lovely black and red Chinese characters.They are attached like roller shades and are an accordion shape. This is also in the shape they fold when drawn.


Interesting Facts About Rolex Watches

Rolex has been one of the most trusted names in watches for a long, long time. Cheap Rolex watches have been sought after year after year for people wanting the name without the price. But, even those that couldn’t generally afford them will save until they can get one. Apart from the popularity factor, the Rolex name has some interesting facts attached to them and here we will share some of them with you.

Rolex is a Swiss name which actually had its beginnings in London. It was opened by an immigrant in London at the age of 24 in 1905. The cases were English and the parts were Swiss—very clever indeed.

Interesting Things About Rolex Watches

Another one for the English in the Swiss watch making history. British fighter pilots thought Rolex was more reliable. This popularity made Rolex the number one watch for the British and eventually the world. Rolex was so loyal to the pilots that if a pilot said they lost one they would replace it free. Now you don’t get that certificate of guarantee with a cheap Rolex watch knock off do you?

Interesting Things About Rolex Watches

In the movie “The Great Escape” the Rolex was used to time Nazi movements and plan the escape of the POW’s. Right there, Rolex gained the name of the century yet again.

Interesting Things About Rolex Watches

Sir Edmund Hillary climbed to the top of Mt Everest and wore a Rolex that kept on ticking! The Rolex was even worn on a sub marine by a Navy team as well. In both cases the watch never lost a moment and nor did any of them break.

Interesting Things About Rolex Watches

The most important fact about a Rolex watch has a simple and little known answer. If the second hand travels around the watch in a sweeping motion, then, it is an authentic Rolex. If it ticks each second around the watch face then it is a sure fake.

Interesting Things About Rolex Watches

So were there ever cheap Rolex watches? Yes, in fact, until 1980, Rolex was cheap. They were around $900 in the 80′s and then, after jumped $2350. This is because of the yuppies and their status symbols which Rolex had become. The days of the cheap Rolex were over.

The metal grade 904L is charged with the durability of the Rolex watch. It is made of the better grade metal which accounts for the reliability of the watch. It is more resistant to pitting and the pressure of deep sea divers. That grade is much more shiny and the finish more elegant than others.

Interesting Things About Rolex Watches

The Rolex endures some serious testing. It is water tested for divers to the tune of 1000 feet deep and it is pressure tested for air leaks as well. It is even condensation tested when water is dropped on the crystal inside a watch that is heated. If there is condensation then guess what? They throw the watch out! They don’t even sell it wholesale; they care too much about their name and customers to let that happen!Interesting Things About Rolex Watches

These are just some interesting facts about the famous Rolex watch. I hope you enjoyed the article!

The Intricacies Of Women’s Rolex Watches

Rolex watches for women are different than the Rolex watches for men. The selection is much more plentiful because women are more likely to wear them as a piece of jewelry. So, they are more stylistic and they have different straps and certainly so many more names, brands and adornments than a man’s more simply made and masculine watch.


women's rolex watches

The types of movement for a ladies’ watch is quartz and mechanical. Women who like detail generally choose the mechanical type. It lends more to look after but it is the most popular among watches for women. The quartz one is popular among nurses and those ladies who need a second hand. This one is very reliable, more so than the mechanical and is far better to care for.


The type of metal and style is a daunting process for a Rolex ladies watch. They can be gold or silver; they can have diamonds and pearls along with other precious gems which will affect the pricing. The shapes are many. There is round, square, triangle and rectangle. There is teardrop and other shapes and yes, this too affects pricing.

Women's rolex watchWomen's rolex watch

You have a choice as well for jewelry or strap style. This will affect the price on watches for women because one is considered dressy and elegant and the other is considered casual. Leather is generally the type of material used in a strap watch. The jewelry ones are too numerous to even mention but some of those styles are the same material as your gold or silver chains for necklaces. They can be encrusted with gem stones and even braided chain for style and reinforcement.

The WOW Factor

Choosing a watch that has wow factor is also a smart choice for Rolex watches for women. The wow factor is different for everyone. For this, you have to know what the person you are buying for likes. If you aren’t sure then this should still be easy. The wow factor for anything really, is just your first instinct. Flip through a catalog and whatever stands out as WOW then that is it!

6 Simple Tips On How to Choose An Interior Designer

One of the most important home decorating decisions you will ever make is when and how to choose an interior designer. These are six simple tips to organize your thoughts and make sure you are thinking things through. According to top people working in interior design in Miami, this can be an expensive endeavor if you don’t think before you leap.

Know Who You Are and what Style you Like

Interior Designer

This can be as daunting as it can be easy. Some people know their personal style and some need to research to see what pops for them. In choosing the right interior designer, you have to keep in mind not to allow them to force their personal or signature look onto you. You are the one that has to live with it so you need to stay in control of what you do.

Look Around a bit

Interior designer

For example, if you are looking into interior design in Miami, you should look online for the best portfolios around. Don’t be afraid to ask the designer for their background and references. Make a list of the favorites and then thin out the list from there. You want someone somewhat known and reliable. If they have local references that will allow you to see their work in other homes then better yet. A full online portfolio should be available either way and in the very least.

Communicate your Budget Clearly

Interior Designer Budget

It is essential that you communicate your budget clearly. You need to know if you are going to custom order a couch from interior design in Miami and then get everything else from a department store. This makes things so much easier so that you don’t make spending mistakes. Keep in mind that some interior designers will have a flat rate and some an hourly rate.Understand your


There will be things which happen that your designer will not be able to control. There are delivery glitches and such that can and will happen. This is not because your designer is a bad designer, it’s because it is the nature of the business. The more flexible you can be with the time of the completed project, the happier you will be. If you are under pressure, then you have to have some kind of clear conversation with the designer.

Trust in your Designer

You know you are to maintain a business relationship with your designer but you also need to have an open mind to a trusting partnership between the two of you. If you maintain a working trust in your designer you can create a fantastic living or working space for yourself and the family or employees. One that makes you feel like this place is actually yours.

Keep Future Sales in Mind

Even if you are sure you will not sell the home, you should, in the event of a life change, be able to sell the home as it is without much to do. It’s a great balance if you have a home that is all about you, yet you can show it and sell it without incurring greater costs. Your home is an investment and needs to be thought of as such prior to beginning. Make sure you voice any foreseeable plans to sell to your designer.


There is nothing like having a unique design to your home or work space. Studies have shown better production and mental, emotional health when one hires the right interior designer. We are creatures of habit, and we tend to thrive when we nest in a space truly unique to us.